frequently asked questions

How do I download Waste Tracker?
Link to apple and play store
How do I use the Application?
Link to video, highlight a few key (reporting) features
Who is behind the Platform?
The Solid Waste Accountability Platform is fully funded by USAID from October 12019 – September 30, 2022. It has been created through collaborations between Triangle Environmental, The Asia Foundation, the DevLab@Duke University, COMPED, and Waste Voice. The quality of content is thanks to the people who submit issues as well as the cooperation of municipal authorities and solid waste service providers.
How do I bring more attention to the issues reported in my community?
You can send a link to the Waste Tracker maps to local decision makers to show where there are issues.
You can utilize the share buttons on specific issues to notify others about them via Facebook.
Can SWAP and Waste Tracker come to my city?
Currently, SWAP and Waste Tracker are limited to Siem Reap, Kampong Cham and Stueng Saen. However, the SWAP team would like to expand the coverage in the future. Bringing SWAP to a new city requires engagement with authorities, service providers and local civil society organizations. If your city has interest in SWAP and Waste Tracker coming to the area, please reach out to us using the contact form.
Who can access the reports?
Anyone who has access to a computer/tablet/SmartPhone with web access can access reports on the SWAP website.
Reports are available in Khmer and English, and can be downloaded as a .CSV file.
How can I access/download summaries of the requests?
First, set the filters for location, topic, and date range, then click “Download” for a .CSV file.
You can also subscribe to automatically receive reports based on the filters you select.
What are the Summary Reports used for?
Summary Reports can be used by active citizens, municipal decision makers, and/or solid waste service providers to make decisions about improving and expanding solid waste and environmental services.
What is the map for?
Currently, we only accept issues and requests through the Waste Tracker application.
Can I make a Request using this website?
Yes. From the Issue Reporting screen of the Waste Tracker application, you can select anonymous prior to submitting your issue or request.
Can I make a Request anonymously?
Currently, the SWAP website is focused on solid waste issues. This includes but is not limited to illegal dumping of waste, burning waste, and waste collection issues.
In the future we hope to expand to address additional environmental concerns.
What types of issues does this platform address?
Yes, however, SWAP is currently only working with solid waste service providers, GAEA and CINTRI, in Siem Reap, Kampong Cham and Stueng Saen. Other service providers and municipalities have not been made aware of the SWAP website or Waste Tracker application and because of this they will not see your report.
Can I report a solid waste issue in other areas besides the municipalities where you work?
You can post about issues in other areas; however, we are not currently working outside of Siem Reap, Kampong Cham and Stueng Saen, so other service providers and municipalities will not know
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